Excel Advisory Group, LLC

Real Estate Professionals

Why Use Us?

As a source of specialized real estate services, Excel offers a number of distinct advantages.

Broad real estate experience   Our depth and breadth of experience enables us to tackle virtually any assignment and approach each project with an owner’s perspective. We know what questions to ask and which answers to believe.

Immediate response   Simply stated, we go whenever and wherever we are needed.

Exceptional value   We provide superior service and unique expertise at cost-effective rates.

Detailed and accurate reports   Our years of experience have enabled us to develop and refine processes that systematically identify and reduce errors.

Independent perspective   We provide the benefit of an expert, objective viewpoint.

Team players   We can — and do — meld our personnel, processes and products to serve differing customer needs and organizations.

Reduced staffing needs   We enable our clients to avoid staffing to meet peak demands and allow them to replace fixed costs with variable costs.

Supplementary support   We can assist our clients’ existing staff to meet peak demand or we can handle assignments that allow them to focus on their primary responsibilities.