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Excel in Today’s Market

An understatement:  Commercial real estate is cyclical.  Veterans have seen dramatic ups and downs, some worse than others.  Currently, the market is fragile.  Changes are a daily occurrence.  Yet, those with foresight recognize there can be opportunity for those who brave the storm.

Excel Advisory Group is familiar with the opportunities that arise in such times.  As a company, our genesis occurred in the tumultuous downturn of the early 1990’s.  When large institutions and developers were taking significant write-offs and liquidating portfolios in a down market, forward-looking investors were accumulating properties and investments at significant discounts to book value and replacement value.  We designed the due diligence processes and provided the insightful support that made successful investments possible for many companies.

Investing in troubled markets requires experience and depth.  Because capital is in short supply, lenders require tighter underwriting, and they expect to see intelligent and comprehensive due diligence.  Opportunities are seldom pristine – they come in the form of portfolios or properties with issues to be understood and evaluated.  “Lean and mean” investment shops often lack the experienced staff to respond to such requirements, particularly where fast turn-around is needed.  Maintaining a competent, full time staff to review spot opportunities is expensive and cumbersome.

Now, perhaps more than ever, the services, insight, experience, and value offered by Excel Advisory Group can help forward-looking investors, including institutional lenders, REIT’s, opportunity funds, and individuals.